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About us

CloudEMR - Compuville Systems has been involved with the OSCAR software since 2003. Our trainers and support staff have worked in medical offices and have familiarity with the processes that accompany the use of the EMR. When you have a question about billing MSP or privately through OSCAR, our staff will understand your concerns. CloudEMR staff knows that changing systems in a busy medical practice can be a daunting task. We work with your team to ensure that your roll-out of OSCAR meets the expectations of everyone on staff. We plan your training package with your help. We can judge your needs based on the abilities and number of caregivers and auxiliary staff and we'll work with you to train your trainers.

CloudEMR - Compuville Systems came to OSCAR at the grassroots, exposing us to a comprehensive knowledge of the software, it's features, shortcuts, and even it's idiosyncrasies. CloudEMR stays involved with the development community and communicates the ideas, feature requests, and concerns of our clients to the technical community. Our communication with other service providers across the country allows CloudEMR to understand the variety of requirements there are in operating a medical practice. We are able to assist in the continued evolution of OSCAR as an EMR deserving the use of GP's, specialists, midwives, and other healthcare professionals.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the benefits of open-source EMR (Electronic Medical Records) easily accessible to Canadian healthcare providers and their patients. Through our datacentre hosting, back-up services, add-ons and remote support model we aim to lower the barriers for practitioners to join the #1 EMR community in Canada. We offer our customers peace of mind at an affordable price knowing that their systems are safe and secure..

13 years of experience

CloudEMR - Compuville Systems premier managed IT support company with over 15 years of experience and expertise. We focus on understanding our customer’s strategic goals and critical business issues in order to implement solutions that assist in achieving those goals and solving those issues. We “Provide Technology, Deliver Value, Increase Performance” for our healthcare customers.

Why choose Oscar EMR?

Give your tech team a break! Get all of the advantages of open source OSCAR EMR without the resources to manage your own servers. We take care of uptime, real time backups, software updates and more. If you have a question about your Oscar instance, we're always just an email or a phone call away.